A concept-driven, senior creative with 20+ years experience, I specialise in developing and exploring design ideas for my clients. Utilising my knowledge in multi-faceted disciplines of design and other forms of design discipline such as form design, photography, animation,  I strive to bring the end product message to the target audience in a clear and efficient way.
Born a traveller and a rolling stone I have had the opportunity to have worked on many high profile projects and in many locations, sharing cultures that have influenced my work and lifestyle. I have been fortunate to work on an array of world renown brands from Africa, Europe, Middle east and Asia.
Early in my career I learned the ropes of the design industry in the biggest design and brand agency in the world Enterprise IG (Brand Union). Rapidly progressing to assistant to the creative director, I quickly gained experience and was lucky enough to be able to work with all forms of design. Having collaborated closely with other design directors, interior designers, architects, illustrators, photographers and fellow graphic designers I gained vital knowledge and experience early in my career.
I enjoy tackling various creative projects and challenges, the desire to solve problems through the glasses of a designer is what I believe is the right way. Whether it be a development of a corporate identity, product development strategy, user experience design, visual communication, packaging, transportation design, motion design or even photography, I firmly believe a true design mind can be applied to any form of creative disciplines.

Today I enjoy leading creative teams by enabling young creatives to reach full potential and deliver a cohesive end product. I found this to be a great challenge and immensely rewarding journey.

Notable projects I have worked on include:

 Ferrari: re-brand Vodafone F1
— Southern Sun: re-brand South Africa
— Renault presence branding South Africa
— Maybach: interiors and presence branding Europe
— FleetAfrica: Re-brand animation, video, and design rollout
— SASFIN: Digital design and corporate video South Africa
— Design FIFA world cup 2010 identity reached top 3
— Taiwan high speed rail services: branding and design
— City of Pula: Croatia REBRAND distinction and case study
— TDR (BAT) Walter Wolf, MC: re-design packaging
— Numerous annual reports for blue chip clients including:
    AECI, OMNIA, Stefanutti Stocks, CAIA, Emira, Gemgrow
— Fortenova: re-brand - Croatia’s biggest company consortium 2018
— PlanetSport: brand design and corporate identity
— Rimac Nevera: branding, graphic design and UI 2018 - 2022
— Rimac Automobili/Technology brand overhaul and CI dev. 2021-2022
— P3 Urban Autonomous Mobility branding and strategy
— World Brand Design Awards - Silver 2023 Rimac Automobili
— iF Design Award - Finalist Rimac CI 2023
— Corporate interior brand design space -  Alfatec Group 2023
— Global design and strategy partner ACG World 2023
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